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2. OVPR Proposal Reviewer Pool

The Office of the Vice President for Research maintains a pool of volunteer established faculty members (active and emeritus) willing to provide peer review (e.g., objective critiques) of grant proposals for other UGA faculty. Most of these reviewers have recent (i.e., within the past several years) experience serving on review panels or study sections.

OVPR serves as a clearinghouse for matching volunteer reviewers with faculty seeking proposal reviews/critiques, based on disciplinary overlap. All matches suggested by OVPR will require the mutual consent of both parties.

If you are a Principal Investigator (PI) seeking a reviewer for a proposal you are preparing, please send an email to Regina Smith ( with subject line "Proposal Reviewer Pool Request" and specify:

  • PI Name
  • PI Unit
  • Proposal Title
  • Deadline
  • Sponsoring Organization
  • Discipline(s) Covered in Proposal
  • Other Keywords
  • (attach an abstract or project summary, if available)

The last three will be used by OVPR to match your proposal to a reviewer's expertise.

Please be considerate of reviewers' time. We recommend sending the draft proposal at least 20 days ahead of submission deadline.

If you are a UGA faculty member interested in volunteering for our Proposal Reviewer Pool, please provide your information through our survey.